Terms & Conditions

Purchase Terms 
When purchasing a subscription from CraftKrate LLC, you agree to pay the entire subscription up front (1, 6 or 12 months).  Based on the monthly subscription you selected, you will receive one craft of the month kit in the mail each month.  The cost of each subscription includes shipping and handling.  CraftKrate LLC will mail each  kit to the address provided and cannot be held responsible for items lost in the mail, incorrect shipping addresses, change of address during subscriptions or any other scenario that is out of CraftKrate LLC control.  At the time of purchase, the purchaser is responsible for providing accurate details including name, gender (when required), shipping address and more. 

CraftKrate LLC ships to the United States only.  All billings are in US Dollars. 

In the event that CraftKrate LLC is unable to fulfill its commitments to you, the remaining portion(s) of your subscription fee(s) will be refunded. 

Change of Address 
It is the responsibility of each purchaser to notify us of a change in shipping address.  In the event a change of address is required, please notify us immediately by emailing us at info@craftkrate.com.  

Product Selection 
The crafts displayed on craftkrate.com are examples only.  Each month products will vary depending on availability. 

At times our crafts may include small objects not suited for children under the age of 3. We always encourage parental supervision while your children assemble our crafts.

Our Commitment to You 
It is our goal to attain 100% customer satisfaction. In any circumstance, if you are not satisfied with our products we will provide you a 100% refund after arrival of the first craft of the month kit. You may cancel your subscription at any time and you will be refunded for any part of your unused subscription.  Please notify us immediately by emailing us at info@craftkrate.com. 

Use of This Site 
This Site is provided conditional on your acceptance of the terms and conditions and privacy policy. By accessing, reading and making use of this Site, you agree, on your own behalf and on behalf of any entity on whose behalf you may be acting, to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, you should not use this Site. 

Ownership and Usage 
CraftKrate LLC. All rights reserved. 

We reserve the right to update our Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notification.