How We Got Started

As a busy parent, it can be challenging to plan projects for your children that foster creativity while staying within budget.  Every child has a creative side and deserves the opportunity to try new things. Have you found yourself spending a lot of time and money hunting for and purchasing arts and crafts supplies only to have a lot left over to be put on a shelf for that "next time"?  I found that "next time" didn't often come since my son and I were always onto a new project.

We launched Craft Krate as an opportunity for parents to provide their children with quality, convenient and affordable activities that allow them to grow and learn while having fun.  Its easy to keep your child engaged when a new kit arrives every month with something new and different.

We are also avid crafters ourselves.  If you are looking for a gift, check out our gifts and ready-made section!  We love to provide creativity as well as create!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.  Provide a fun, learning experience that brings out the creativity in children while providing a great value for our subscribers.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Live our mission
2. Be authentic
3. Do it right
4. Make it fun